Photoshop More In-Depth

2 full days classroom training, 180 days free email and phone support, lunch and refreshments, course materials and a certificate – all for £385!


1 day private 1 to 1 course at your office covering your exact needs, working on your files and going at your pace, 180 days free email and phone support, course materials and a certificate – *all for £385!

*Travel / accommodation expenses might be added depending on distance.

This is an exciting course, to step up your game of Photoshop once you have mastered  the fundamentals. It will help you with improving your productivity and workflow as well as learn new techniques and concepts.

Photoshop intermediate course by red memory box screenshotAt the end of the course, you have learned more advanced manipulation techniques, how to use colour, advanced face retouching, look at the aspects of Photoshop brushes and automation techniques.

Who is this course for?

Photographers, graphic designers, marketing departments, advertising agencies, signage designers and anyone who wants or needs to clean up, enhance or manipulate photographs or bitmap graphics.


Have already taken the Adobe Photoshop Introductory training course or have solid knowledge of topics covered in that workshop.

Some of the benefits of coming on a Red Rocket Studio training Course

  • 180 days support: There is nothing worse than leaving a course and feeling left on your own. We like to ensure our customers have all the support and backup they need which includes 180 days unlimited support by phone or email.
  • Course Materials – We typically supply detailed course notes or a manual, or in some cases both. Either way, we try to provide sufficient supporting material so that you can return to your work place with sufficient confidence to permit further learning.
  • Lunch
  • We also provide chilled water, hot drinks and biscuits.
  • A certificate of completion.

Advanced Course Outline


  • Duplicating Layers
  • Layer masks
  • Preserve transparency and locking Layers
  • Grouping Layers
  • Adjustment Layers and adjustment Layer Masks
  • Working with Layer comps
  • Using Layer Auto-Alignment and blending
  • Smart Objects including Smart filters
  • Using Content Aware Fill
  • Using Content Aware Scale
  • Using Puppet Warp

Advanced Layer Composition

  • Replace Color and Colour Range
  • Working with the Pen tool
  • Advanced masking techniques
  • Advanced blending mode techniques
  • Creating type on a path
  • Using spot colour Channels
  • Using Clipping groups
  • Creating stereoscopic images
  • Using Layer comps
  • Masking techniques

Shape Tool

  • Working with and editing shapes
  • Creating and importing custom shapes, e.g. logos for re-use
  • Using editable rounded rectangles
  • Multi-shape and Path Selection
  • Saving in Shapes panel

Clipping Masks

  • Clipping paths to create selected areas
  • Using displacement maps with type to create special effects

Automation and Scripts

  • PDF presentation
  • Droplets
  • Photomerge
  • Web Gallery
  • Using Adobe Kuler for creating and sharing colour schemes
  • Importing colour swatches directly from HTML, CSS and SVG files

Using the Actions Panel

  • Using, adjusting and creating Textures
  • Batch-processing several files

Sharpening Techniques and Blur

  • Unsharp Mask
  • Lens blurs

Photography Essentials

  • Camera Raw format
  • HDR images