InDesign Courses

Because of its easy integration with other Adobe software, InDesign is now extensively used in graphic design and page layout for the production of brochures, newsletters, eBooks, print, screen and devices such as eBooks and apps for smart phones and tablets. Now, the world-leader in desktop publishing software, with it you will be able to utilise rapid layout features, single page to complex multi-page documents, time-saving effects and unparalleled typography support.

Indesign training at red Memory Box

Our Adobe-certified Instructors run courses that cover the use of Adobe InDesign for desktop and electronic publishing, including those typical actions involved in producing magazines, newspapers, catalogues, booklets, newsletters, brochures, reports, flyers and other similar publications. At Red Rocket Studio, we build your Adobe InDesign training through practical sessions, real-world illustrations and cover many essential design techniques.

Red Rocket Studio provides you high quality Adobe InDesign training and ensures that it is a pleasure for you to learn with us.

All our classes at Red Rocket Studio begin at 9.30am and run until 4:30pm.

Enrol now in one of the best Adobe InDesign training courses with a top Adobe Certified Instructor!