How to Create and Edit Stunning Marketing Materials Essential Plus 3-day Course

3 full days training, 180 days free email and phone support, lunch and refreshments, course materials and a certificate – all for £585!

A Red Rocket Studio 3-day How to create stunning marketing materials training course, will take students from no or little knowledge, to a point where they are creating beautiful print material, striking banners and incredible optimised web images.

What will I learn on the course?

  • How to prepare images for web and print and Powerpoint
  • Fix problem images as well as re-touch photographs
  • Create information graphics, graphs and simple logos
  • Create and editing brochures, banners, newsletters and adverts

After the first day you will be able to:

Fix problem images (too light or dark, funny colours)

before after fix dark

Cut out simple portrait including how to cut around hair

Remove or replace parts of an image

remove or replace parts of a photograph

Resize images for both web and print use.

Save the correct file type for web, print or Powerpoint

banner screen brochure

After the second day you will be able to:

Create simple graphical shapes for inserting into InDesign documents

illustrator shapes for indesign

Create simple infographics


Create graphs and charts

Create simple logos

create logos

After the third day you will be able to:

Create documents in various sizes and page lengths

Doc of diff sizes

Create text or place text from word into document

place text

Edit all areas of text, put it into columns and flow it around photos

Place, move, resize and rotate your images

Creates simple graphical shapes to bring your design to life

Brochure on screen

Create simple tables

table comp

Save as a PDF for web or for printing